Partnering With Other Organizations Task Force
Suggested Activities

Frank J. Devlyn

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Suggested Activities

  • Find out whether the organizations have a local chapter or field office.  Contact information may be available through the Internet, local Chambers of Commerce, business associations or area directories.  Your RI District Community Service Chairperson or Vocational Chairperson may also have information about organizations interested in working with Rotary.

  • identify common areas of interest such as children's education or health issues, vocational training or programs for the disabled.

  • Discuss current or pending projects which might benefit from a joint collaboration.  Be specific about your needs and division of responsibilities for administering or implementing the project.

  • Invite a representative from the other organization to visit a Rotary project site or to attend a Rotary club meeting to give a presentation.

  • Offer to give a Rotary presentation at one of the meetings of another organizations with similar goals and objectives.

  • Distribute printed material about Rotary and/or your club's activities to staff members or volunteers of the targeted organization.

  • Provide updates about joint projects to RI headquarters for use in the Rotary World, Newsbasket, Rotarian  magazine or Navigating the Global Network, the Rotary newsletter written for and distributed to other organizations.  Publicity can increase the potential for expanding or replicating a project in other areas of the world.


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