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Title : Rotary Literacy and Development Project

District : 4160, 7150

Countries : Mexico, U.S.A. 

Topics : literacy, Vocational Service 

Contact : Bruce Davis, District Literacy Committee

Districts 7150 in U.S.A. and 4160 in Mexico started a joint endeavour to provide reading, writing and math skills to approximately 1850 natives in the Dolores Hidalgo area in the Guanajuato State of central Mexico. A 1999 report described progress to date: leaders and teachers have been trained, and learning/action groups organised and active in ten villages. In all villages, participants are learning to read and write and to apply their literacy skills in such areas as health, nutrition, cooking and income generation. The project received US$20,000 Matching Grant from The Rotary Foundation and a US$ 20,000 grant from Laubach. The total funds of US$ 60,000 have been transferred directly to the project and participants and leaders are enthusiastically moving the project forward