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Title : CLE for street children in Mexico

District : 4170

Countries : Mexico

Topics : literacy, youth, children

Contact : Lourdes Dominquez

In September 1998, Rotarians in Mexico City, Mexico began a small pilot project to teach street children ages 9 to 15 to read and write. There are 13500 homeless children in Mexico city. A home named Hogaria Providencia, run by Father Alejandro Garcia Duran, houses 450 of them. The children had been in literacy classes before but without success. This time, the groundwork for the project was laid by discussing the children’s experience with the priest who was taking care of them. Using these experiences as the stories in the curriculum, nine of the children were helped to find themselves and build up their self-esteem. They were very excited when after two lessons they were able to recognise a couple of words in the newspaper. From that moment on everything went on smoothly and right now they can read and write correctly. Before the end of the year the children were reading and writing. The project is now ready to expand to teach more children in the home.