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Title : Navjot Literacy Campaign

District : 3010

Countries : India

Topics : literacy, Rotaract, Interact, education

Contact : Sanjeev Khanna, Past District Governor

With more than 340 million illiterate citizens in their country, Rotarians in district 3010 in India developed the Navjyot literacy campaign to assist the Delhi Schools Literacy Project and other organisations that teach people the basics of reading and writing. According to the district’s figures, the number of illiterate people in India increased from 230 million to 340 million between 1951 and 1991 - daunting numbers for a country that is struggling to find a way to provide universal primary education. Navjyot’s focus is to put into place a permanent literacy training system that will begin with Rotarians identifying and helping illiterate people in their communities and workplaces. Navjyot volunteers follow a seven step plan that includes recruiting Rotarians or their family or friends as teachers; identifying people in need of literacy training; procuring the program’s literacy kit; teaching, guiding the student to a government testing center obtaining a certificate of literacy for the student, and advising the newly literate student on where to go for vocational training. The program has already taken on broad scope. It includes 75 schools among its members, and Navjyot volunteers have worked with an additional 13 schools in low-income areas.