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Title : Reading Rooms for Childhood Centre

District : 5910

Countries : U.S.A. 

Topics : literacy, tutoring, children

Contact : Bill Erwin

Bill Erwin, a member of the Rotary Club of Bryan, Texas, U.S.A. became aware of the need for a reading center at the Carver Early Childhood Center through his daughter who taught there. The reading resources of the center needed to be expanded. He recruited his Rotary club which donated $ 5000 to “help a child in need”. This seed money kicked off a larger fund-raising effort, and within three weeks more than half of the $ 60,000 needed for the project had been raised. The effort also created a renewed sense of awareness and enthusiasm for promoting literacy and volunteerism. More than 20 Rotarian volunteers now provide a total of 35 hours of assistance each month to the childhood center. This is the first time that the school has had a steady flow of volunteers for its students. In addition, the volunteers are having as much fun as the children. Rotarian Bill Erwin was featured in the January 2000 Rotarian magazine.