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Title : Evaluating workplace literacy

District : 7980

Countries : U.S.A. 

Topics : Vocational service, literacy

Contact : John Annick, Post Rotary Club President

The Literacy Volunteers of America (LVI) branch in South-eastern Fairfield Country, Connecticut, U.S.A. works with local businesses to teach English as a Second Language and basic skills (reading, writing and numeracy) to workers. Part of the effort is assessing the skills of all the workers using a one-on-one interview and assessment tool. To maintain confidentiality for the workers and keep this time consuming task economical for the employer, volunteers are trained to conduct their assessment. The Rotary Club of Bridgeport, District 7980 stepped in to assist with evaluating the LVA program at two companies. Eleven members worked with LVA to interview 54 employees, enabling the companies to measure the success of the program for their employees. The assessments were instrumental in securing a government grant from the Federal Department of Labour to expand the literacy programs for the employees. The Rotary clubs members also learned a great deal about the problems of literacy and numeracy among the adults in the community.