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Title : Brazilian Net Day

District : 4610

Countries : Brazil 

Topics : youth, literacy, school

Contact : Carlos Jeeronimo da Silva ueiros, Past District Governor

Rotarians in district 4160 (Sao Paulo), Brazil, launched Multirao Digital, or Brazilian Net Day to draw upon the technologies that are fast becoming some of the world’s most valuable educational tools. The project is designed to connect public schools to the World Wide Web and introduce students to the wealth of information available through the INTERNET. With a long-range goal to improve the overall quality of public education in Brazil, it represents the efforts of each of Brazil’s more than 2,000 Rotary clubs. Rotarians in each of the 37 districts in Brazil selected an area representative to co-ordinate Mutirao Digita, who then evaluated the technological resources in local schools and determined the school’s individual needs. The schools selected two teachers to receive INTERNET and computer training. Several computer education centers and private schools offered free courses to participating educators. Once their school was connected, the teachers introduced students to the research tools and discussion forums available on-line. One project allows students to examine and debate the global issues of peace, economic and social development, and human rights. The project was featured in the October 1999 Rotarian magazine.