Rapid Disaster Relief Task Force - Project Ideas

Frank J. Devlyn

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Project Ideas

  • Respond to a recent Disaster Notice by sending a financial contribution via The Rotary Foundation or directly to the affected district

  • Serve as a Rotary Volunteer to mobilize relief efforts or offer services to a project that addresses community needs relating to a disaster

  • Provide aqua boxes to supply purified water to victims, "emergency boxes" or similar disaster relief kits

  • Hold a fundraising event to increase donations to a disaster area

  • Support a project in the WCS Projects Exchange that addresses long-term needs in the aftermath of a disaster

  • Contribute to the efforts of international disaster relief agencies such as the Red Cross, Salvation Army, or World Vision.

  • Fund low-cost housing for victims rendered homeless after a disaster

  • Form a disaster relief committee to devise a preparedness plan that will enable your club to respond with immediate and appropriate relief efforts to the needs of your communities or others in the event of a disaster

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