Community Corps Task Force - 2000-2001

Frank J. Devlyn

Together We Can Change The World

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Project Ideas for Community Corps

Suggest Activities For Rotary Community Corps

  1. Hold an informational session for club and community members promoting the concept of RCC and the benefits it can provide to a community.  

  2. Sponsor a RCC in your community

  3. Undertake a joint project with your RCC 

  4. Invite RCC members to attend your weekly Rotary club meeting

  5. Invite RCC members to address your Rotary club on their most recent accomplishments and goals for the future 

  6. Recognize outstanding leaders within your RCC by holding a special ceremony 

  7. Assist your RCC in developing public awareness opportunities to highlight their work to the community 

  8. Work with your District RCC Chairman to promote this program in other Rotary clubs, perhaps by having your RCC members address clubs that don’t sponsor an RCC. 

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