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Acceptance Speech at the RI Convention in Buenos Aires (2000)

Frank J. Devlyn

Frank Devlyn
President-elect, Rotary International
Rotary Club of
Mexico City-Anahuac, Mexico

Presidential Acceptance Speech
Rotary International Convention
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mi familia Rotaria:

Deseo pedirles disculpas pro no poder dirigirme a ustedes en nuestro idioma comun el español, especialmente estando aqui en Argentina. Tenemos que recordar que el ingles es el idioma oficial de Rotary International y por lo tanto es obligatorio dar me mensaje en este dia que va para los Rotarios de todo el mundo en ingles.

President Carlo Ravizza, Rossana, my fellow Rotarians, friends of Rotary:

As the world crossed the uncertain threshold of a new millennium this year, Rotary stayed firmly on course under the skilled guidance of our president, Carlo Ravizza. On behalf of the world’s Rotarians, Gloria Rita and I wish to thank President Carlo and First Lady Rossana for their dedication and leadership, which has strengthened and invigorated Rotary for a new century of service.

As I look ahead to the many challenges and joys the coming year will bring, I’d also like to take a moment to thank my wife, Gloria Rita. Without her, I can confidently say I would not be here today.

I also want to thank all my family whom you have seen presented on stage. Each of them has played a significant part in my life as well as Gloria Rita’s.

My friends, it is a true honor and a privilege to stand before you on this special occasion. It means a lot to me to have this chance to address so many of the world’s Rotarians at one time, because I consider us to be a team. Yes, I will be the leader of our organization in 2000-2001. But I am counting on your support to achieve the goals I have planned for Rotary.

Today we face a vast ocean of possibilities and opportunities. At the end of the Rotary year 2000-2001, it is my hope, dream, and prayer that we will have transformed these possibilities and opportunities into stories of success and triumph.

I do not know what every club’s success story will be. Nor do I know what every district will accomplish. But I do know that in every corner of the Rotary world, people are waiting for someone to give them hope.

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