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Frank J. Devlyn

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The Devlyn Action Team Reunion Group Organization

The Devlyn Reunion Group Organization is an ad hoc, non-affiliated group of Rotarians who served Frank and Gloria Rita Devlyn during the RY 2000-01 and associated Rotary periods.  The purpose of the group is to exchange ideas, enjoy the memories of past and present service, keep track of each other, and plan future service and fellowship opportunities for the “Action Team”.

As a result of the first reunion dinner in Barcelona, the following organizational structure and general job descriptions are suggested.  It must be emphasized that this is not a top down structure but an “Action Team” - help each other horizontal structure.Click on the organization chart below.  Brief descriptions of the structure are as follows:

Frank and Gloria Rita

Frank and Gloria Rita are our leaders and inspiration. The Reunion Group will be attentive to their wishes and requests in all aspects of the Reunion Group’s operation.

Advisory Committee

The advisory committee is made up of PRIVP (2000-01) Lou Piconi, RI Treasurer (2000-01) Noel Fryer, Presidential Aide (2000-01) T. D. Griley, and the members of the RI Board of Directors (2000-01). The group will provide oversight and guidance for the Reunion Group.

Reunion Secretary

The Reunion Secretary will be the coordinator for each of the groups. He/she will appoint each of the other group leaders based on recommendations from Frank and Gloria Rita, the Advisory Council, and the Reunion Group. The responsibilities of this office is to see that the Reunion activities occur on schedule and within budget as smoothly as possible.  The Reunion Secretary will serve a two-year term and will be selected every other year by the attendees at the Reunion Dinner at the International Convention.

Ticket sales for the Reunion Dinner will be conducted by the Reunion Secretary but may be delegated to the Local Reunion Chair and/or the Zone Coordinators.

Local Reunion Chair

The Local Reunion Chair will be selected each year from the 2000-01 Governors in and near the International Convention Site. The duties of the Local Reunion Chair will be to secure a site for the Reunion Dinner and assist in planning and execution of the dinner arrangements and publicity. This includes the facility and banquet arrangements, decorations, signs, and notice at other venues for the International Institute and/or Convention.

Editorial and Publication Staff

The Editorial and Publication Staff will produce a bi-annual newsletter for the Reunion Group.  The information for the group may be retrieved from other Rotary news collecting activities, from the Reunion Group, and from the Zone Coordinators. Articles detailing Frank and Gloria Rita’s activities will be headlined; births, deaths, and illnesses among the group will be provided; significant project activities will be highlighted; and significant achievements and appointments will be included. As a minimum the publication will recap the previous Reunion Dinner and supporting activities and detail the plans for the next Reunion Dinner. The official language of the publication will be English. However, It may be published in the languages of Rotary International.

Monthly updates of the reunion information will be provided to the web page for a more timely distribution.

Zone Coordinators

The Reunion Secretary will appoint at least one Zone Coordinator for each zone.  Zones which cover a large geographical areas and/or languages may have multiple Zone Coordinators appointed.  The Zone Coordinators responsibilities are:

The above offices and general job descriptions represent the initial Devlyn Reunion Group Organization structure.  Other offices and duties may be added from time to time by the Reunion Secretary upon the advice of Frank and Gloria Rita and the Advisory Committee.

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