Washington DC Rotaractors with President Devlyn

and David Hamod, President, RC of Washington DC


President Devlyn with Rotarians and Guests who dropped in on the Inaugural Event


President Devlyn receives a gift from the RC of Once in Argentina


President Devlyn selects the winner of the Raffle.


Frank and Gloria Rita Devlyn have a "photo-op" with Open House Guests

President Devlyn and members of the R.C. of Washington DC enjoy the festivities

PDG Rod Ketron with Navin Valliappan, Chair of the 2001 Rotaract Conference to be held in Washington D


German VIP's and Washington Rotarians enjoyed the fellowship of the day-long event.


Inaugural event dinner: L-R Seated; Gloria Rita Devlyn, Rosalie Ableman, Bernard Ableman, Dori Griley; L-R Standing, Dori Margolis, PDG Lawrence Margo


President Devlyn with RC of Washington D.C. members (event sponsors)


Frank and Gloria Rita Devlyn with Jean and Evan Hamod (wife and son of David Hamod, President of the RC of Washington DC)


Talk about a "birds eye view". Celebrants watch the Inaugural parade from the National Press Club. This is one time chairs were used for something oth


Rotarians and guests watch the Inaugural Speech on new U.S. President, George W. Bush on the big screen TV (inside out of the rain!)