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2000-2001 RI Them2001 Capetown, Africa Presidential Conference

Frank J. Devlyn

Peace is Everyone's Responsibility

Cape Town, South Africa
Presidential Conference
26-28 January 2001


During the three-day Rotary International Presidential Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, 590 Rotarians from 43 different countries discussed ways to address the worldwide problems of poverty, literacy for the girl child, population and development, urban violence, avoidable blindness and the lack of jobs for the disabled.  "This is the first time so many have attended a Rotary International conference in South Africa. Half of the Board of Directors are here as well" noted Rotary International President, Frank Devlyn.

The main focus of the conference was to review education, literacy and other humanitarian issues such as crime prevention, and to examine how Rotarians have contributed to benefiting South Africa and the rest of the continent.  Rotary International's aim for the year is to create awareness of and take action on these issues as they affect the world.  "Awareness is futile without action and action is not possible until we have gained awareness," said Devlyn.

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Cape Town Presidential Conference

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