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"Attending District Conferences"

Frank J. Devlyn

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Attending a District Conference Other Than Your Own

Dear Amigos:

I am sure that there are many Rotarians that would welcome & love the opportunity to attend another district conference resides their own outside of their country.  As a Rotarian who has attended a large number of district conferences worldwide I have found that there are a limited number of persons who have found the joy of attending a different district conference besides their own. These Rotarians keep this secret to themselves but I feel we have to be more open about there being nothing wrong with District Governors and their District Conference Committee in also promoting attendance of their district conference both in and outside of their district. I can not understand why Rotarians are not given a list of district conferences besides their own of those districts where they would be more than welcomed both in or outside their country 

In the past governors would complain if a nearby district governor invited their members.  Times have changed and we have to be innovative in promoting district conferences and look for larger attendance from our respective district membership and from outside.  

District 4170 Governor Jorge Villanova and his wife Yliana assigned aides who spoke English for all non Spanish speaking  persons  attending their District Conference in historic and beautiful Guadalajara, Mexico..  The price for 3 nights at the Presidente Intercontinental Hotel (one of Guadalajara's best) including breakfast, lunch, dinners, transportation in the city of Guadalajara, Governors Ball was an attractive 720 Dollars per person.

Let me assure you that it will be like a breath of fresh air for many Rotarians to go to a district conference beside their where they will have the opportunity to live the experience of a different type of District Conference  plus making contacts to carry out international projects.

Lucrecia “Lucky” Aguilar the D.G. of District 4100 had her district conference in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California . “Lucky” told me that she had visual translations of speeches into English.  

Every district conference in Mexico and any part of Latin America is an opportunity to make new friends and promote International Understanding. 

Do check out http://www.rotarymexico.org   for other district conferences in Mexico and practice your Spanish plus promoting better international understanding.  For more information on any of the district conferences that will be held in Mexico let me suggest you contact any of the 9 district governors.

Let me encourage all The Family of Rotary to spread the word that they can become Ambassadors from their club, district and country when they go to any of the district conferences that will be held in Mexico and Latin America.  

In fact I encourage you to look at the map of the world to contact any district governor in whatever area of the world you would like to visit to inquire about the dates of their respective district conferences.

I can assure that it will be a great opportunity that you will ask yourself why you had not thought of doing it before.

Promoting the attendance to a district conference other than your own just might be the needed necessary spark to promote greater attendance at all district conferences.  When you think of all the work district conference committees put into having a district conferences I  feel that all will find this a Win-Win for all.

Hope this idea catches on,

Your amigo in Mexico City,
Frank J., Devlyn
RI President 2000-2001

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