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Learn how the Blindness Prevention Donor Advised Fund can help you with your Blindness Prevention projects.

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Visit the Matching Grants web site to register your Blindness Prevention project and locate clubs and districts to partner on your project. 

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Blindness Prevention Donor Advised Funds

(BP- DAF) - Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Avoidable Blindness Donor Advised Fund?

How do I Contribute to the BP-DAF?


How are the BP-DAF Awards Determined and Distributed to Specific Matching Grants?


Will the BP-DAF Award to a specific Matching Grant be matched by The Rotary Foundation?

Do I Receive Paul Harris Fellow Credit for Contributing to the Blindness Prevention Donor Advised Fund account?

How Will The Rotary Foundation Programs Benefit?

Can I redeem the money contributed to the Blindness Prevention DAF if I decide to no longer support the fund?

General Questions about The Rotary Foundation Donor Advised Fund?


Additional Questions about The Rotary Foundation Avoidable Blindness Donor Advised Fund?