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The TRF Future Vision Plan

Frank J. Devlyn

Doing Good in the World 


In the future TRF will work with strategic partners who will provide support to Foundation global grant projects in a variety of ways. The Foundation will identify partner organizations in each of the six areas of focus.

Strategic partners will provide financial resources, technical expertise, or advocacy, or a combination of those three resources.

In some case partners will provide funding directly to TRF for projects and activities.  In other circumstances partners and TRF together will provide funding to support a shared project or activity. And in certain circumstances because of the expertise of the partner involved, TRF will provide funding directly to the partner to support the
project or activity of a Rotary club or district.

It may seem unusual for TRF to provide funding to another partner organization. However, TRF is not talking about giving funds to a partner to do with as they please. Strategic partners will be just that.  Partners with TRF and with clubs and districts to support the works and efforts of Rotarians to provide support to the communities in need.

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