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The TRF Future Vision Plan

Frank J. Devlyn

Doing Good in the World 


District selection and qualification

Districts interested in applying to participate in the Future Vision pilot must first obtain the approval of two-thirds of their member clubs.


The Trustees will select up to 100 districts that form a representative group in terms of location, size, level of involvement with the Foundation, and effectiveness in terms of stewardship, reporting, and other district operations.


The qualification process ensures that Rotary districts and their member clubs participating in the pilot have the appropriate legal, financial, and stewardship controls in place to manage grant-funded activities effectively.

To become qualified, participating 2010-11 district governors and Foundation chairs must complete special training sessions provided and paid for by the Foundation and submit all required information. District qualification also includes training in how to qualify clubs. Districts are responsible for providing training at their presidents-elect training seminar, district assembly, or district conference, and for tracking and managing the qualification of their clubs.

The Foundation will periodically audit districts for operational and financial compliance with the qualification requirements.

Districts are required to provide information based on a simple checklist developed by The Foundation that might include:

· A signed agreement to the terms of qualification and compliance with local laws

· Creation of a Rotarian-controlled bank account for all grant activity that includes two or more signatories and a system for tracking expenses

· Development of a stewardship plan that ensures transparent accounting and reporting of grant expenditures to club and district officers.

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