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The TRF Future Vision Plan

Frank J. Devlyn

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Why would a district want to be a pilot district?  TRF wants to make it very clear that there are both opportunities and challenges for those districts who undertake to participate in the pilot. Any district who participates in the pilot will have the opportunity to provide input into the refinement of the new grant structure.  Those districts will receive specialized foundation support and service.  A principle focus during the 3-year pilot period will be making the Future Vision Plan successful.  Through the district grant process the districts in the pilot will have earlier access to more funds for use at the district’s discretion since the current district simplified grant permits only 20% of DDF to be utilized and the new district block grant will allow up to 50%.

There will also be some challenges for districts.  Each district must agree to a three year commitment.  Districts cannot enter the pilot and then decide that they wish to withdraw from the pilot.  Districts will need to be patient and flexible because TRF is certain that as the program moves forward there will be changes that were not expected at the beginning.  And some of our super user Rotary districts (District 5110 for example) may have less access to funds because they will be limited in global grants to only participating with other districts that are also in the pilot.

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