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The TRF Future Vision Plan

Frank J. Devlyn

Doing Good in the World 



The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.


The Future Vision Plan includes five priorities, each supported by a set of goals, that have been approved by the Trustees and endorsed by the Council on Legislation.

1. Simplify all programs and operations

            a) Consolidate all programs into a few categories more easily understood by Rotarians

            b) Make all program application forms and processes more user friendly

            c) Increase the awareness of Rotarians by enhanced communications

            d) Make it easier for donors to support programs and activities

            e) Reduce the response time in the distribution and payment of program award funds

2. Align program outcomes/descriptions with the Future Vision Plan

            a) Evaluate current and potential programs for fulfillment of the mission as stated in the approved mission statement

            b) Ensure program outcomes are significant by addressing priority world needs that are relevant to Rotarians

            c) Provide program results that are sustainable by reasonable efforts of the beneficiaries

            d) Secure program continuity and stability with a   consistent strategic vision

            e) Utilize a three-year assessment model without interim changes for all Foundation programs

3. Increase participation and sense of ownership at district and club levels

            a) Implement a simple and cost-effective program administration model

            b) Keep responsibility for program administration as local as possible

            c) Educate Rotarians at every level about program and fundraising opportunities

            d) Establish a streamlined and cost-effective recognition program that increases donor participation

4. Provide sufficient resources to achieve the program goals

            a) Broaden and solidify our base of donors

            b) Increase quality partnerships/alliances

            c) Ensure the timely use of the District Designated Fund

5. Develop a business model that supports the Future Vision Plan

            a) Implement and regularly assess a business model that includes efficiency indicators

            b) Build and maintain the technological infrastructure to support the mission

            c) Stay informed about the standards and best practices for nonprofit organizations

            d) Actively develop innovations to ensure the reputation of The Rotary Foundation as a premiere foundation

            e) Enhance the innovative, professional work environment characterized by the ongoing pursuit of excellence.

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